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5 Ways Your Feng Shui Flow Can Smooth Out Your Day

We are living in an increasingly stressful world. Even with the shift to working from home for more people, stress is everywhere. Financial stress, relationship stress, wellness and health stress and the ongoing negativity and world issues are all wearing down on us daily.

Research shows there are specific ways to smooth out and effectively increase your ‘Feng Shui flow’ throughout your day, in spite of what may be happening all around you.

1. Open the vents: Venting can be a very healthy way to release stress, when done effectively. Learn your specific ‘Feng Shui vent flow’. For me, its talking. Thus, key people in my life, music and counseling are very helpful. For others, it might be physical activity, creativity, spiritual connection or writing. Find your ‘vent flow’ and vent away to smooth out your day, emotionally. The Feng Shui effect will take place quickly. Consistency will maintain it.

2. Up your energy: Clogs happen in our life and our bodies when our energy isn’t flowing well. Increasing your nutrition, sleep and adding meditation and spiritual connection are all proven ways to increase your energy levels and help you live clog-free, regardless of what comes across your path. Feng Shui is about energy. Energy is fed through intention. Shift your energy with ‘Feng Shui intention flow’ and you will notice your energy changes as well.

3. Connection: We all need to feel connected, cared for and to care for others. When we are isolated, our lives can feel stuck, and issues become far more difficult as we find ourselves feeling alone with no support in place. Connection can mean many things, including people, animals, spirituality, nature or creativity. The goal is to connect to something outside of ourselves and to feel a sense of contribution to something bigger than ourselves. Find your ‘Feng Shui connection flow’ and observe your life shift into an easier and more fulfilling place.

4. Perspective: Virtually all therapeutic and healing models, including Feng Shui, integrate a focus on perspective. Being able to take a step back, see the bigger picture, understanding and becoming aware that when issues do happen, they are often far less about us then we think they are. Often, it is how we choose to handle issues that helps us see what events really mean. Perspective, or our ‘Feng Shui vision flow’ of how we interpret events helps us to define our values and tap into our hearts, giving our minds a much-needed rest. This allows us to create clog-free relationships and smooth out issues that might otherwise cause much more pain.

5. Balance: You may be able to lift a great deal of weight at the gym. However, forcing balance into our day might be the heaviest load we all carry. Creating a ‘Feng Shui balance flow’ means taking organic and unplanned breaks from work based on how we feel throughout the day, changing our thoughts, and actively integrating healthier choices in our day. This is often a challenge for many people. Take it slow. Baby steps. This subtle, but crucial shift to increase your ‘balance flow’ can be a powerful way to live clog-free daily.

Anne Leedom is the founder and CEO of Learn the powerful and proven ways to increase your ability to increase your Feng Shui flow and live clog-free and shift your flow in your mind, body, relationships and in the world around you. For more helpful tips visit

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