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Spring Is on the Way: Easy Tips to Enjoy A Healthier Season

As Spring comes into view and we can see the planet move into its full growth cycle, protecting the environment is at the forefront of our minds. Or at least it should be. Sustainable products are

more popular than ever. Re-usable products are in demand over single use products. It is one of the best ways to protect our planet for generations to come.

Here are 4 ways to make small, meaningful changes to be part of the eco-friendly movement.

1. Combine errands into fewer days, versus driving daily, if you don't have to. Walking and riding a bike to nearby locations is a great way to enjoy Spring and to give the planet a rest in the process.

2. Eliminate as much plastic and single-use products from your everyday use as possible. Even a few tossed items can add up to mountains of landfill across the globe.

3. Take a break from paper. Doing the dishes is a lost art. Paper plates, paper napkins, real silverware....this is what brought the elegance and the eco-friendly aspect to meals for centuries. Before kids I rarely used paper for food. So save it for special occasions and stick to the the real thing as much as possible. It's much more fun!

4. Help the earth by tossing it where it belongs. Many places do have recycling and eco-friendly disposable locations for single use products. Use them. If you see plastic and paper items laying on the ground, help move them to where they belong. If just 10% of the population did this, it would create a massive impact.

Meaningful living is about small changes, and creating positive impact wherever we go. How we treat the earth and each other all creates a momentum that affects everything around us for generations to me come. It is all connected. One small moment can add up to a massive change in ways you didn't expect. And it can be easy, fun and healthy in the process.

Anne Leedom is the Founder of, a website focused on wellness and lifestyle products that help support sustainable living and, the clog-free straw that is changing the face of sustainable straws.

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