the flow shift.

SipEzy® straws include a revolutionary technology that adjusts the flow of the suction at the end of your straw so you can drink your smoothies stress-free.

Kerf technology. Sipping will never be frustrating again.


Clog-free sipping is a revolutionary leap forward.  Get your SipEzy® Straw now while supplies last!

clog-free living with SipEzy®

Smoothies. Lemon Water. Juices. The trend to better nutrition is growing fast BUT... the frustration of a clogged straw and the added 'veggies, fruit or seed stuff' you may not want to drink can hinder your choice to drink certain smoothies or to thoroughly enjoy them if you do drink them.

Let's change that today.


Drinking your favorite smoothie, juice or flavored water can quickly turn sour in that moment when gunk gets stuck in your straw. UGH. When your straw gets clogged, unexpectedly mixing the dreaded unwanted chunks or seeds into your latest sip, it can be jarring and down right irritating! 😵‍💫

The SipEzy® straw is your solution. The technology is here. SipEzy® is the only clog-free straw available in the world is now ready to come along for the ride, wherever you go. Stainless straws have many benefits, including keeping your beverage colder, making your smoothie last that much longer. The secret is in our innovative kerf technology.

If unwanted seeds or fruit and vegetable pieces have ever stopped you from choosing a healthy smoothie, we're about to open your eyes to a whole new world.


Ever been stuck in line at smoothie shop with your requests to triple blend your order? Your worries are over. 😎 

Moms! Have a child who hates the 'stuff' in their smoothie? 

SipEzy® will be your secret weapon. We make beverages safer and healthier, and guess what - your kids will drink up those veggie-loaded drinks happily.


Anyone looking for an easier sip will love SipEzy®.

It's time to leave plastic behind for good and make the simple swap to sustainability with SipEzy®, the straw that virtually eliminates food chunks and seeds from interrupting your drinking experience.

Make the kerf flow shift today.


The technology has arrived...

no more clogged straws.

kerf  noun

\ ˈkərf   \

Definition of kerf

1: a slit or notch made by a saw or laser

2: the width of a cut made by a saw or laser


SipEzy's technology secret is in the kerfs!


No seeds in your drink!


Sustainability, Innovation, and Making Healthier Living Easier

Fresh Strawberries

Clog-Free Living Tips and Resources

Keep an eye out for upcoming SipEzy updates


Our bodies. Our mindsets.
Our relationships. Our planet. 


The Simple Swap
Choosing sustainable choices in our daily lives




Stainless steel has a never ending lifecycle and is the most recycled material on the planet, more than all other materials combined. Steel retains an extremely high overall recycling rate. This means the impact of mining and production of stainless steel is minimized per straw and can be reused for years, and can then be recycled. SipEzy® Straws are 18/8 food-grade and dishwasher safe. SipEzy® helps protect our oceans and our planet.

Easy wellness is the vision for SipEzyLiving™. Often, the simplest strategies and tips can be the most powerful and provide long lasting benefits. Sustainable living is about everyday steps for our health and the health of the planet. We will be providing ongoing tips to keep you on an easy path to wellness through our SipEzyLiving.com wellness blog.

Sipping your favorite smoothie, lemon water or juice no longer has to be a struggle. Enjoying a smoother sip without 'chunk interruptions' from veggies, fruits and lemon seeds is now something every adult and every child can enjoy due to the new 'kerf' technology created by our team. SipEzy® is the ultimate easy way to sip. It is safer, stress-free and means you can enjoy many more smoothies without the 'gunk' factor.

Green Shake
Sea Turtle


cleaner oceans 
will come from effective & helpful sustainable swaps

We are so excited to share our innovative new ways to discover easier paths to wellness.  Nutrition, movement, relationships with the environment, each other, and most importantly, with ourselves, are the cornerstones to easier wellness. Because in today's crazy world, the last thing you need is to feel that feeling good is so stressful to achieve.


SipEzy Living™ will bring you ongoing wellness tips from leading experts, as well as the latest information on sustainable products. Our focus is on the reduction of plastic straws and the movement to stainless straws.


Unfortunately, many options in the sustainable straw market aren't great choices. Glass is not durable. Bamboo is a sustainable material, but not suitable for dishwashers. But, stainless steel is durable, easy to clean, and it won’t get soggy! No one wants a straw that falls apart while drinking as paper straws often do.


Thankfully, metal straws are safer for marine life. Plus, bonus points for looking cooler than any other straw option. Soon, they will include a technology never before seen in a straw.

Join us in our quest to reduce the clogs in your life and make wellness easier. Tips, recipes, and innovation are the tools available throughout SipEzyLiving™.



We help you shift your flow to make wellness easier.

Eliminate the clogs in your life and routines

that interrupt your experience of well-being

The EcoSphere for Easy Wellness


go with the flow

Body  |  Mind  |  Relationships  |  Planet


The EcoSphere for Easy Wellness

SipEzyLiving represents an easier path to wellness through nutrition, movement, mindset and relationships - with the environment, with others, and most importantly, with ourselves.

The secret is clog-free living. 

Removing the clogs that can become obstacles in our pursuit for health and wellness for ourselves and our planet starts here.